Pattern Organizer

Since I have purchased a bunch of patterns, I needed a better way to contain them. I was trying to stick them back into the original packaging, which is harder than it seems. The answer? Binders.

I had a bunch of plastic sleeves on hand and some empty binders. Add some post-it tape, writeable tab dividers, and I've got me a nice little system!

I put the original package and instructions in the first sleeve and labeled that with the pattern number on the tab. The pattern pieces are then organized by view (most of the patterns I've picked up have multiple views/options). Stuck a little post-it tape (I didn't know this existed until yesterday and I love this stuff) and labeled that with the view. Fold up the pattern pieces and stick them in the sleeves and you're in business!

Now it's easy to put the pattern pieces away and find them later when I want to use them again!