Long Sleeved Lap Neck Dress

Joann's had a super sale on patterns. I bought a few...several...it doesn't matter. Knocked this one out on Saturday. And yes, it has thumbholes.

Look, I said I'mma put thumbholes on 'errything so this is happening, deal with it. 

This lovely dress is brought to you by Butterick pattern #B6388. I made a few tweaks to it.

The pattern had pockets but I really have no need for pockets in a dress, mostly because I think it makes things look frumpy if they don't sit right, so I forewent (not sure if that's a word but autocorrect didn't disagree) the pockets.

Oh and did you know you can iron pattern paper? Yeah, you can, just no steam. I'm learning new things with each project and that pleases me!

I did a different take on the thumbholes for this one. I cut the sleeves quite a bit longer than the pattern and before I closed the sleeve, I studied another thumbholed Under Armour shirt I was wearing to see how those thumbholes went. I didn't want to make a separate cuff, and I wanted to get the thumbholes offset from the seam, but with a nice finish. I thought about doing a buttonhole type deal, but after trying it on some scraps, I didn't like the look. 

Anyhoo, I realized that the shirt I was wearing seemed to be put together like a zipper pocket, so I took a scrap, placed it right side together (face down on the right side of the sleeve) and sewed a rectangle (roughly 2" x 1/4") where I wanted the thumbhole to go. Then, I cut into the middle of the rectangle, through both layers, down the center and angling into the corners, then pushed the scrap through to the wrong side of the sleeve. Topstitched around the rectangle and then serged the scrap edges to finish them. Then, I closed the sleeve seam up and hemmed the cuff.

I could have brought the thumbholes up a bit, but it's hard to measure stuff for fit when you're all by your onesie, so next time I'll remember to grab a helper!

Overall the fit is good. I used the medium size and it's quite a bit roomy, so I could have gone down to a small, but I didn't want to go cutting the fabric and wind up with a skin tight dress (very much not my style...totally ok if that's your style, I'm not judging). I will probably take in a little bit.

I actually really like the lapped collar. I liked it so much I pulled the collar off of my latest sweatshirt and added a lapped collar instead.