Patio Set Redo

I really liked the fabric I used for the Patio Swing I did for my cousin, so I thought maybe it was time to refresh my own patio set. Five years ago, it was this very patio set that started this hobby of mine. The slings had gone to shit and I learned how to sew up some replacements. As my skill has improved, I often looked at the slings and saw the flaws (that only I would notice), so what the hell, let’s have a do over.

The furniture was originally a forest green, powder coated aluminum. I decided to change it up and go to a bronze color, so I selected Rust Oleum Metallic spray paint in the color Oil Rubbed Bronze. After doing a little research on how to do this properly, I took the furniture apart and began sanding. I started sanding by hand and quickly realized that I needed a power tool to make this go faster, so I picked up a small power sander to help get the job done.

This much sanding, it should be noted, left a fine layer of green dust everywhere…and I mean everywhere.

After I got everything sanded down and washed, I put on two coats of spray paint. I put down some drop cloths in my garage and got to work…a few hours later, i decided to pack it in and realized that I had gotten a fine mist of spray paint all over my epoxy floor.


Well, I learned that the awesome thing about my awesome garage floor is that the fine mist of spray paint washed right off! For the record, I don’t recommend trying this, and after that session of spray painting, I decided that I’d be finishing up on the lawn.

So here’s the final product, I think it looks pretty good!