Bimini Top Part 3

One piece not pictured, because I forgot it was in the pile...

One piece not pictured, because I forgot it was in the pile...

The majority of my project work this weekend was focused on the Garage Door Bug Screen, but I did make a little progress this evening on my Bimini Top!

I have officially finished cutting out all of the pieces and it is ready for the next step, which will be binding and sewing...

I think I've watched the video upwards of 400 times at this point...but it's providing clear direction on exactly how to execute this...I just hope my measurements are correct!

Working on a project of this nature finally gave me the opportunity to use my Sailrite Edge Hot Knife. Man, this thing is wicked awesome! It is a great tool to have in the arsenal because it cuts (like a hot knife through butter...go figure) and seals the edges to prevent fraying in one fell swoop. Of course, you can't use the hot knife on any fabric...but it's great on this type of fabric (Sunbrella).


Another tool I have added to my arsenal is a flexible ruler.  I suspect this will be useful for other projects...and it was only a few bucks on Amazon. You can pretty much bend it any way you like and it holds its shape relatively well.


That's it for this edition!