Bimini Top Part 2


I had hoped to make more progress today, but the heat was unbearable. Instead, I slogged around in the heat (95 degrees) and assembled my little above ground pool. 

It's not hard to put together, and I can do it pretty quickly myself, but this heat was just unreal. Take three steps, sweat drips from you (from everywhere, it seems), and you drink a pitcher of water. Three more steps, drip sweat, replenish water. I was sweating so much I literally did not pee between the hours of 9am and 8pm. 

Once the thing was ready for water, I just sat in it, as the hose began to fill it up. Swimsuit? No. Aint' nobody got time for that. Just in my clothes, with a glass of water, swishing around in about an inch of water. It was delightful.

The sun went down, so I set up shop in my garage to continue with my bimini top project. I had gotten the rough pattern onto the Dura-Skrim pattern material and next I had to add 1/2" seam allowances to both panels. 


A handy tool I picked up from Sailrite is their Canvas Patterning ruler. Since this pattern has curves, it was really easy to use this ruler to trace the proper distance for the seam allowance.

Once the seam allowances were added, I cut off the excess and I had two pieces ready to trace onto my fabric. Somewhere during this process, I thought I should sharpen my scissors, so I ran my finger along the edge and wouldn't you know it, they were sharp. Sliced right into the tip of my finger. 

After locating a band-aid, I began tracing and then the mosquitoes got wind that I was in the garage and decided it was time to eat. The only thing on the menu was me. I searched around my house for bug spray and couldn't find any. 

So, I got one piece traced onto the fabric. 


I had hoped I would at least be able to cut out one piece with my hot knife (also from Sailrite), but I couldn't stand the skeeters anymore and had to go inside. 


Hopefully Part 3 will bring more progress!