Hacking the Pattern Hack

I had to go into the office on Thursday, so that meant I needed to make myself something to wear.

Spring has sprung, the snow is gone, the grass is green, and it's finally getting warm in Wisconsin. Warm equals skirts.

I started off making a dress on Sunday, but abandoned ship because I didn't like the fit. In the year since the fire, I've turned back into a manatee and that's no one's fault but my own. I could blame Los Tres Hermanos and their delicious chimichangas, but let's face it, no one forced me to go in there. I have made poor choices with food, and I am paying the price to the tune of about 50 extra pounds. I had the pleasure of taking care of my parents' puppy for the past week, and that got me off my ass walking her (a lot, so she wouldn't shit in the house). 

Tuesday, I decided to do a skirt instead. This is Simplicity pattern 8474, which is a knit skirt pattern designed for hacking. I took the hacking a bit further.

I cut the pieces for the front and back, basted them together and tried it on and, oh lord, so much flow. The knit fabric I used was definitely not lightweight - perhaps with a lighter weight knit, the flow wouldn't be so overwhelming (think circus tent), so I wound up hacking off about 12" on either side at the bottom to make it more of a pencil skirt.

To do this, I folded the skirt in half, and used my rulers to create a line from the waist to where I wanted to narrow the hemline and pinned it. Tried it on, moved the pins in some more, tried it on again. The third time, I felt like it was narrow enough to not have so much flow and still allow room for me to walk comfortably. That wound up being about 12" from the original pattern.

With the skirt still folded in half, I cut along the line and basted it along the side seams. Tried it on again, just to make sure, and serged it up.


I used a heavy stretch knit in solid black for the yoke (think control top). This is more of a yoga pant design, which I like, because it's more comfortable than a narrow elastic band and it solves the muffin top equation. I took in the yoke just a little bit, maybe 1/2" inch on either side so that it fit better. And, I miscalculated.


I wore the thing to the office today and quickly found that after sitting for over an hour (driving), the waistband had stretched. So, I spent the day carefully monitoring for slippage and hiking it up to avoid a disastrously embarrassing wardrobe malfunction!

On the positive side, this means that I am less fat than I had estimated, and that feels good? Also good is that I can easily take it in a bit more so that I can wear it again without fear. In is easier than out. Silver linings, people!

Full disclosure, there is a hella lot of this skirt pinned in the back so it doesn't fall off of poor Penelope...who, by the way, got herself some new feet so she's back in action!


AND, I'm pretty proud of how well the side seams turned out. I made sure to take the time to really line up the stripes:

Not perfect, but pretty darn close...

Not perfect, but pretty darn close...