Is this thing on?

It's been about a month since I posted. What? No, this time I wasn't sick and no, my house did not burn down (again). (knocking on wood)

I've been busy with my day job, so I haven't done any sewing since my last installment here on the blog. My day job has become my night and weekend job again...and that's okay. I am doing stuff I really, REALLY like doing and so I'm completely happy with that. Most importantly, the work I'm doing is highly fulfilling. 

That does not mean I'm done sewing. There is a large sewing project in my future. I've got most of my supplies, I've got a video from Sailrite that is helping me figure out how to tackle this, and all I need is some better weather.

This is what's happening outside right now, and it is just not acceptable for April.


What is the large project on the horizon? Well, when the fire happened, it destroyed everything that was in my garage. One of those items was the camper kit for my boat. For the uninitiated, a boat camper kit is basically the canvas and vinyl windows one would put up should it begin to rain. The kit is custom fit to the boat, and since my boat was made in 1987, I can't just run to the store and pick up a new replacement. So, I'm going to make it. Well, I'm sure going to try. It's not going to be easy. This involves a whole new dynamic of fitting and measuring that I have not attempted before. But, I am confident I can do it because Sailrite does an excellent job of putting together instructional videos that help people like me figure out how to go about tackling such a project.

So, stay tuned...I haven't disappeared. I will be back in the coming weeks with what I expect will be a multi-part journey (certainly full of failures and lessons learned) as I begin to construct my new boat canvas!