Custom Earphone Covers

No idea if these are actually going to work or not, but the point is I tried.

A friend reached out and asked if I could make him some covers for his headphones. The original coating is peeling off of the pads, and so I got this photo (and some basic measurements) to work with. Of course these headphones are not physically available to me, so I had to wing it and hope I could work something out.


I tried a simple prototype first, just elastic along two ends of a rectangle and that didn't work. So, I went to Amazon and looked at some headphone covers to see how the pros make theirs and I was able to come up with an idea that would produce a better fit...assuming the measurements and my math are somewhat accurate.

I drew myself a template and cut out 4 pieces that would be the actual ear piece, and then 2 rectangles (12" x 3.5") that would act as the cuff.


I put two of them right sides together and sewed at 1/4" around the hole opening to attach them. Then, I fed one side through the hole and gave it a good press to flatten the seam.

Next, I took the rectangle and folded over 1/2" along the long side to create a channel for the elastic. I sewed again at 1/4" to create the channel.

Using a small safety pin, I attached one piece of the elastic (which I had cut at about 6") and fed that into the channel. Once the end of the elastic got to the channel opening, I sewed it down within the seam allowance to secure it and then continued feeding the elastic through to the other side.


Once I got the elastic to the other side, I sewed that down to secure it.


Next, I folded it right sides together at the short ends and sewed that together to make a little skirt.


I placed the piece with the hole right side up and clipped the little skirt around it, right side down and raw edges together. I placed the seam of the skirt at the bottom of the ear piece. 

I intentionally used stretchy fabric (ponte knit) so that I could use the stretch to my advantage as I worked my way around. 


When I sewed it together, I used about 3/8" seam allowance and rounded the corners.

Finally, I serged around the raw edges to clean it up.


Flip 'em right side out and voila! Custom earphone covers! I hope they fit!!