Hipster Bag

This is a very easy bag to make, it's essentially an oversized zipper pouch.


  • 11" or longer zipper
  • 11" cuts of 1/2" bias tape (3)
  • 11" x 12.5" fabric for outer main (2)
  • 11" x 12.5" fusible fleece (2)
  • 11" x 12.5" fabric for lining (2)
  • 11" x 10" fabric for tall pocket (2)
  • 11" x 6" fabric for short pocket (2)
  • Magnetic clasp
  • 1" x 1" scrap heavyweight fusible interfacing (such as Pellon 71F)
  • 2" length of 1" nylon webbing, or make your own with fabric (2)
  • 1" D-rings (2)
  • Materials for strap (note, this tutorial will not cover making a strap, so plan accordingly)

Fuse Fleece

Take the two outer main pieces and fuse the fleece to the wrong side of each piece. Set aside.

Short Pocket

Take the two short pocket pieces and sew the bias tape to the top.


Tall Pocket

Take the two tall pocket pieces and place them wrong sides together. Sew the last piece of bias tape to the top


Magnetic Clasp


On the tall pocket assembly, lining side only, find the center along the top and make a mark 1.25" down on the right side of the fabric. Fuse one of the scrap heavyweight interfacing pieces to the wrong side of the lining fabric, centered over the mark.

I use the clasp washer to mark the holes. Then, use a seam ripper to gently poke through the lining fabric and the interfacing and open two little slits for the magnetic clasp's prongs. 


Get the male end of the magnetic clasp and push the prongs through the slits from the right side of the lining fabric. Attach the washer on the wrong side and fold the prongs apart to hold the clasp in place.


Short Pocket to Tall Pocket/Back Outer Main

Place the tall pocket facing up and pull the lining piece out of the way. Lay the short pocket on top, right side up, and match up the bottom and side edges.

Draw a line at the center (5.5") from the bottom of the short pocket to the bias tape. Sew along the line, attaching the short pocket to the front of the tall pocket (make sure the lining layer of the tall pocket is out of the way). 


Do the same to attach the short pocket to one of the outer main pieces.

Outer Main

Take the remaining outer main piece (that does not have the short pocket attached) and the tall/short pocket assembly. Lay the outer main piece facing up and the tall/short assembly on top, matching up bottom and side edges.

Make a mark on the outer main piece where the male end of the magnetic clasp falls. 


Fuse the other scrap of heavyweight interfacing to the wrong side of the outer pain piece, centering the scrap over the mark. 

Use the magnetic clasp washer to mark the holes. Use your seam ripper to gently open up the slits for the prongs. 

Take the female end of the clasp from the front side and push the prongs through the slits. Attach the washer to the wrong side of the fabric and press the prongs to hold the clasp in place. 


Place the pocket assembly on top, snapping the clasp together. If desired, baste the edges to hold them together. 


Take one of the outer pieces and lay it face up. Take the zipper and lay it face down on top. Then, take a lining piece and lay that face down on top, making a zipper sandwich. Ensure all edges are lined up neatly.


Using a zipper foot, sew down the top of the assembly.


Pull the pieces away to reveal the other end of the zipper tape.


Take the remaining outer piece and lay it face up. Place the zipper face down on top. Take the remaining lining piece and lay that face down on top. Another zipper sandwich. Sew.


Press along the zipper tape from both sides (outer and lining). Topstitch.


Open the zipper at least half way!

Assemble Bag

Take the nylon webbing and D-rings and feed the nylon through each D-ring. Sew the raw edges closed.

Place the D-ring tabs between the outer layers, about 1/2" below the zipper. The D-ring must be on the inside of the assembly, out of the way of your presser foot. 


Fold the pieces right sides together (main facing main; lining facing lining). Pin or clip everything together, making sure to line up all edges. The zipper should fold inside toward the lining. Ensure the bias tape of the short pockets are matched up. 


Starting at the lining bottom, sew around all sides, leaving a gap at the lining bottom.

Box Corners

Mark squares at 1/2" inside each corner's stitching line. Cut out the squares on all 4 corners.


Fold the open edges together and sew together all 4 boxed corners. 


Reinforce the D-ring tabs by running a couple of zigzag stitches within the seam allowance.


Finish Line

Reach in through the gap in the lining and pull the bag through the hole. Poke out the corners to get them nice and neat. Give it a good press to tidy up.

Close the hole at the bottom of the lining, using an edgestitch. 

Stuff the lining into the bag!

Make some straps and go to town!