Millennium Falcon Backpack

The grommets in Stormtrooper Bag 2.0 came out (because I cut the holes too big when I set the grommets), so I decided to do another bag to replace it. I've got a bad feeling about this (just kidding). 

In honor of the late Han Solo, I snagged this fabric from Joann's a while back and hadn't come up with something to do with it, until today. 

I got this pattern from Green Pepper, it's the Drawstring Daypack. I didn't want this to be too big, so I made the child size and made several tweaks to the pattern to suit my needs.

Here are the tweaks I made to the original pattern:

  1. I added an accent to the bottom of the bag. I used some brown faux suede I had lying around. 
  2. Lining. The original bag is not lined at all, and I don't like that. So, I used ripstop to line the bag and the lower pocket.
  3. Front lower pocket - I didn't need a full on gusseted pocket so I made it smaller and eliminated the gussets so its just a patch pocket. I used the bottom accent piece to frame the bottom of the pocket.
  4. Single strap. The pattern is for a backpack with two straps, but I saw a picture of one that just had one strap and I liked it, so I figured I'd try it out on this bag.
  5. No reinforcement piece. The original pattern has a reinforcement piece that finishes the upper flap (on the back) and hides the straps. I decided not to put that on this one and instead sewed the upper flap to the back (with the strap centered under it), and then flipped it forward and topstitched it down to secure it.
  6. Instead of a grommet and drawstring closure for the flap, I used a side release buckle instead.