Stormtrooper Bag 2.0

Feels like I haven't made a bag in ages. I snagged a yard of some cool Stormtrooper fabric at Joann's and decided to make myself an updated Stormtrooper bag.

I also had some leftover scraps of the Yaya Han cosplay fabric that I used for the sleeves on my Kylo Ren Halloween costume, so I found a way to incorporate that into the bag by using it for the bottom and some accents at the top.

The finished bag measures 12" high x 9" wide x 4" deep. I put in grommets at the top to make it a drawstring type closure. I used leftover satin (from the Sansa Stark dress) for the lining and installed pockets within the lining for odds and ends. Truth be told, I'm not really a purse carrier, I prefer to put things in my pockets, but sometimes I have more crap than I have pockets, so a bag makes sense. 

I didn't take pictures along the way, so this won't be a full tutorial, but here are some tips I had to re-learn since I haven't made a bag in a while:

  • When sewing anything remotely "sticky" like pleather or cosplay fabric, use a teflon or non-stick presser foot. I re-learned this lesson after sewing on one of the accents to the main body fabric.
  • Measure twice, cut once. 
  • When sewing in a gusset on a rectangular object, start at the bottom middle and work your way up each side. I find that this ensures nothing goes off-kilter and keeps things in line, especially when there are linear objects (such as the pleather accents) that need to line up on the joined pieces.
  • If adding a brand tag, put that on before you sew the damn thing together. Otherwise, you have to hand stitch it, and my hand stitching is for shit.
  • Use heavy interfacing if you want the bag to stand up on its own. Fuse this on before you sew it together. Fusing it after things are sewn together leads to scorched fingers. 
  • When using a rotary cutter, do not shave off parts of your fingers. It hurts.
  • If you take the time to sketch out a draft and make notes on assembly, refer to them during construction. Many of my lessons learned were in the notes I made but did not refer to!
  • Grommets suck

On the note of grommets suck, they suck because I was trying to hammer them in with the regular hand tools. For whatever reason, I couldn't get them to set correctly, so I stopped and decided to visit Amazon to find help. Amazon free one-day shipping to the rescue. This is my new best friend:

This is a grommet press. If you install more than a handful of grommets, I recommend this tool. Much easier than doing it with the hand tools and a mallet!

So that's it, my new bag!