I thought this was a cute dress pattern, so I made it. This is Butterick B6209.

I hacked the pattern a little bit and created my own version using elements from some of the different views. I opted to make this a long-sleeved dress and didn't add the sleeve accents. I did add the contrast hem and it looked cute.

From a style perspective, I just don't like the thing where the dress is longer in the back than in the front. It just feels wrong. I have a need for symmetry and from the side, I just don't like how it looks when it's longer in the back. It's also kind of flouncy, and I decided I'm not a fan of that either. I don't want a lot of flounce because I'm not a flouncy person. 

The neckline gave me fits, took many tries to get it right so it hangs correctly, it was a weird way to construct it (in my humble opinion), but I finally got it and it looks ok. 

So whatever, I tried it. I wore it, gave a presentation in it (nailed the presentation). Will not likely wear again.