Stop Calling me Kyle

When The Force Awakens came out, my brother and I went to see it together. We took my nephew with us and left the niece at home, since she was 3 and we didn't think she's make it through the whole thing. Turns out the nephew didn't make it through, he fell asleep early in and woke up at the end. Ah, kids.

When we got home, we started calling my niece Kylo Ren when she had a little temper tantrum and she screamed at us, "STOP CALLING ME KYLE!" It was precious.

So, I posted before about how Winter is Coming and I made my Sansa Stark outfit but the weather plans to be pretty darn cold on Tuesday, so I'm going to need to be a bit more bundled up as I deal with trick or treat, so Kylo "Kyle" Ren is on. 

The pattern I used (McCall's M7422) comes with an outer coat, a hood, and a surcoat, and I just made the outer coat and hood. It called for invisible zippers damn near everywhere, for the front closure and the sleeves, but I decided I could get away with the sleeves not being zipped since my arms would fit in them, and invisible zippers don't separate, so I used a normal separating zipper on the front - I am not pulling this thing over me, it's just easier to zip it. I even drove an hour away to procure special Yaya Han cosplay fabric for the sleeves. Snagged the last Kylo Ren mask and light saber at Target, and we're in business. 


The Chair.

This is the Stormtrooper adirondack chair the eldest Brady boy made me for my birthday and I fully plan to sit in this chair, in my Kylo Ren outfit, and look like a damn boss.