New Digs

Welcome to my new home! Why did I move? I was looking for a sleeker design and greater flexibility and I had to build a quick website for my dad on Friday and used Squarespace. I really liked the templates available through Squarespace and really really liked that I can do the things I want to do without having to write physical HTML (not my strong suit)!

Plus, it just so happened that was available so I figured what the hell, I purchased the domain and here we are. Who knows, maybe I might set up a little shop and sell things from time to time. I have no plans to do so right now, but I like knowing that I could do that right here if I wanted to. I'm all about options!

So here you are and here I am, and here we are. I've imported the old blog's posts and I'll take some time later to better incorporate them, but for now, new posts are here!