T Minus 7

One week to go! I get to move back into my house in one week. Seven more sleeps. One week from today, I'll be putting my home back together. I. Can't. Wait!

I have doors. You know when kids leave doors open when the air conditioning is on, and you say, "were you born in a barn?" It's been like that all the time at my house. No doors. Except the front door. So, to have doors hung is actually quite exciting. Hodor.

The next week will be a race to the finish line. Here's where we are as of Wednesday night:

  • Doors are hung
  • Most of the trim is back on
  • Cabinets are installed where they are supposed to be
  • Most of the curtain rods and towel bars are installed
  • HVAC system has been cleaned and tested (and the A/C is ON because damn it's hot in there)
  • Garage is clean and ready for the epoxy (install holding until we have a few days of good weather)

Here's what is happening between Thursday and Tuesday:

  • Professional cleaning of the appliances (fridge, dishwasher, microwave, oven)
  • Delivery of washer & dryer
  • Install carpeting
  • Replace outside siding, fascia and soffits
  • Install faucets, TOILETS (oh my god I can't wait to have a functioning toilet!)
  • Finish all electrical stuff (outlets, lighting, etc)
  • Final cleaning & touch ups

Wednesday, the ServiceMaster crew will roll up with my furniture and start moving my shit back in! I am so excited to get in there and get my life back to normal! 

I was thinking today, I'm actually going to miss my contractor when this is all said and done. He's been so great and someone I've corresponded with so frequently, it's going to be strange to not shoot him an email at some weird hour asking some ridiculous question about toilets or something.

I expect my next post will be sometime next weekend after I've begun to settle in...stay tuned, we're almost done with this!