Monday was very granite countertops were installed and they are FABULOUS!

I have to say, if you're in the Southern Wisconsin/Northern Illinois area and looking to do granite, I highly recommend

Crafted Countertops

in Genoa City. They were absolutely fantastic to work with and really helped me through this process...ask for Michael, he's awesome!

Let's travel back to the very beginning of this whole thing (and that's before the fire). The week of Thanksgiving 2016, my garbage disposal broke. Southern Lakes Plumbing came out on the quick and installed a new one. While the installer was there, he pointed out that my kitchen faucet was about to crap out on me, so that led me to invest in a new faucet (one of those cool stainless pull down faucets). Having a nice faucet really led me to wanting an undermount sink, which led me to wanting new countertops. However, I didn't really want to spend the money on new countertops. Instead, I looked at redoing the floors since there was a seam in the sheet vinyl in the kitchen that was starting to pull up and I kept tripping over it.

Then the fire happened, and all plans went sideways. Since I was already displaced, I might as well go all in and do everything at the same time, flooring and countertops.

I was originally looking at quartz. I did a lot of research on quartz vs. granite and ultimately granite was the winner due to price. I had looked at several colors and really that all goes out the window until you see it in person. I brought home some samples, looked at them every which way (along with samples of my flooring) and really didn't find the right color until Michael and I walked through the slabs they had on site. Michael really got a feel for what I was looking for and was able to show me some slabs he thought I might like, and we found a winner. The color is called Caledonia (for the kitchen) and he thought another distributor might have better slabs, so off I went to Milwaukee to have a look. It was perfect!

It has tones of white, black, gray and brown, which will complement the wood tones (my cabinets are a honey oak and the flooring will be a darker tone).

For the bathrooms, we went with remnants since those were smaller areas. We looked at several slabs and found the perfect one, called Giallo Verona, which has tones of cream/white, brown and even a little garnet. The floors in the bathrooms will be the same dark wood tone, and these are going to look really nice. Plus, I have undermount sinks everywhere! Yay!

Next week, flooring comes! It's all coming together - and I can't wait to see the flooring and the backsplash in the kitchen...stay tuned!