Sun-Filtering Curtains

I've been staying with my parents while my house is rebuilt and being here every day during the spring/summer has unveiled an opportunity for me to do some sewing...finally!

The kitchen table is in a beautifully sunlit room with lots of windows. It's gorgeous. The only problem is that said windows allow blinding sunlight through during the dinner hours, which makes it painful to sit at the table as a (semi-complete) family unit and enjoy a nice meal together.

Finally, I convinced my mom to let me do something about it.

The offending windows are small - about 34" wide by 24" tall, located on top of the "regular" windows that hold the sliding door out to the deck. It is through these windows that the sun shines through and blinds me when I try to eat dinner.

I did this on the cheap - picked up 3 white tension rods at Target, and my mom picked out a white patterned sheer fabric from Joann's (the Kelly Ripa collection). I used a basic white sheer as the back side. In all, this took 4 yards of fabric (2 of each) because we were not going to do any gathering of the fabric on the rod.

Super simple. Think of a pillowcase, except it's completely closed. 

I put the sheers together (1 of the "front" fabric, 1 of the back), sewed together with a 1/4" hem around all sides, leaving a 3-4" in gap to turn it right side out. Before turning, I clipped the corners to reduce bulk and get a nice clean corner.

I turned it right side out, poked out the corners and pressed. I then topstitched around the entire rectangle at 1/4".

Then, for the rod pocket, I just folded over the top 1.5" (to the back side) and stitched a line along the lower edge to create the channel for the rod.

What a difference.

Blinding Sun:

Filtered Sun:

Mom is happy with the product! We can now eat dinner without jockeying for spots in the shade. (And yes, all three windows are covered, the photo below only has two of them up to show the difference)