I have ceilings. In every room. Who knew one could be so excited to have ceilings?!?

Friday was a good day. I met the contractor at the house to go over some estimates and schedules. Assuming all goes to plan, drywall and mudding should wrap up early this week, then we move on to texturing and repainting the walls and ceilings. Now that the new drywall is up and all the holes the electrician made are closed up, it's interesting to see the smoke damage compared to the new drywall.

And, I'm super excited to have a ceiling in the garage. This garage is going to look pimpin' once it's done. I picked out a new epoxy coating for the floor and it's going to look fabulous.

Insulation in the attic was delayed because some parts needed to be ordered for the hot water heater vent, and both bathroom vent fans are being rebuilt as well.

I have one more floor to pull up myself (master bathroom).

The week of the 4th of July should bring us to the home stretch - I'll be ready for my new granite countertops to be installed. Flooring can go int the following week, and then final cleaning of the appliances and other items that stayed in the house. Final inspection and then occupancy!!

The thought of moving back in was at first daunting, but then I remembered I don't have to do anything...it all gets moved back for me. Of course, I imagine I'll be the one unpacking things and putting everything where I want it, because I might have a conniption if things get put back in the wrong spot...but as far as furniture and whatnot, I don't have to lift a finger.

On Saturday, I took the time to program my new garage door opener to the button in my truck. It was nice leaving and hitting the button to close the garage. Just like home!