Raise the Roof

...but first get rid of the old one...

For the past few weeks, things have been quiet on the house front. The engineer came to measure the trusses and the we waited for a few weeks for them to be built and delivered. Delivery day is Monday!

Last week I stopped by to visualize some flooring and countertop samples, and saw that things were clearly starting to get ready for the garage and roof demolition. Supports had been erected in the garage to hold things together.

Siding had been torn off of the garage:

This weekend, when I came in, the wires had been pulled out of the attic and walls in preparation for bringing the roof down.

Fingers crossed, we are forecasted to have a solid week of good weather which means when the trusses arrive on Monday, it's go time!

My understanding is that the garage will get demolished first, and then they'll start tearing off the roof decking. The dumpster will need to be swapped out a couple times over, I imagine. Once the decking is gone, the bad trusses will come out and be replaced with the new ones. This should be about 80% of the roof.

The trusses that are remaining (and are not structurally damaged) will be cleaned, shellac-ed and sealed to eliminate any remaining odor from the fire.

Then, I guess the decking goes back on and it gets shingled. At least, that's how I think it goes. After the roof is swapped out, the rest should be cake. Well, cake for the professionals who know what they're doing. More cleaning of the interior drywall that is staying, and patching all the holes the electrician made when pulling out the wires...yadda yadda.

So for my part, I've been focused on getting my list of upgrades in order. I've chosen the flooring, which will be a dark wood to replace the sheet vinyl. I decided in December that I wanted to redo the floors in my kitchen because there was a small area at a seam in the sheet vinyl that was starting to peel up and I kept tripping over it. I had budgeted for this project and had planned to start it in the late winter, but then I got sick and then the fire happened. I'm glad I hadn't gone ahead with the floors because I would have been pissed!

It's a good thing, though. I had really wanted to redo my countertops but I didn't really have the budget to do that and the floors at the same time, so I was stressing over what to do with the floor with an eventual countertop swap in mind. Well, problem solved. New countertops are happening. I've been wavering between granite and quartz, and I think I've decided officially on granite.

With countertops and floor decided upon, I've been looking at other things to change up while I'm at it. I've decided that I'm going to make new curtains for the window in my living room. Walking into Joann's on Saturday was like coming home. I haven't sewn anything since early January and haven't been fabric shopping in what seems like an eternity and I admit, it felt really good to spend time in the store, touching all the fabrics, thinking about all of the possibilities!

The game plan as of now is that I'm going to replace the old traverse rod with a double rod, so I can do a set of sheers and a set of blackout grommet top panels.

The window is about 11' wide, so to cover that, it would take at least 4 panels of store-bought curtains. A couple years ago, I had gotten 4 panels from Target, slapped blackout lining on them, sewed on a pinch pleat tape and used pinch pleat drapery pins to get them on the rod. It was fine, but it was really half-assed and something I just hadn't gotten around to fixing. Now is that time!

So many choices of fabric, it's been hard to pick something out! I finally decided on the fabric, and the order has been placed.

I will do a tutorial on how I make them. Of course, my machines and all my equipment is in storage...but my mom happens to have the same sewing machine as I do, so I may just need to commandeer that one to keep myself busy. For now, I'll be planning and sketching so that I have a good plan in place before getting started.

Hopefully before next weekend, I'll have a new roof on my house, which brings me one giant step closer to coming home!