This week was rather exciting, watching things come down and go back up! Let's refresh on what we started with:


The garage came down to the slab.

And as an added bonus, I got to watch the dumpster get swapped. I am easily amused. Here's a stray part of a burnt truss that was on the floor, just to show close up how bad the fire damage was.


A little rain overnight and a new garage started to grow!


On Wednesday, I woke up with a chest cold. Can a girl get a break? So, I didn't go visit in person, but my neighbor was kind enough to snap a picture and text it to me! Here they have removed the shingles and decking from the far gable, applied some Kilz to those trusses and put the decking back on.


Thursday was the exciting day when things really moved. I had the day off to go visit my belongings in storage and take care of some other things. I stopped at the house before 9am to see the starting point. The whole crew was there and I talked with the owners of the builders (

Kirk Douglas Construction

out of Clinton, WI). Very nice people! They said the crane for the trusses was on the way and that today was going to be the most exciting day. They were not wrong...

The day started with removing the decking from the middle portion of the house.

Below, the burned trusses are still in place as they remove the decking.

At this point, I left to go to where my clothes were cleaned and stored. I needed to pick out some more weather-appropriate items. And, I grabbed my serger. There are curtains to make!

I returned around noon and they had removed all of the bad trusses and were almost done setting the new ones!

This was so interesting to me, how quickly this part went, so I hung around to watch. Plus, the project manager was there so he gave me an update on what's on the docket after the roof is up.

At various points, one of these guys was singing...loudly...hilarious.

It was around this point that one of the guys shouted from the roof, "I don't wanna work with these guys anymore, can I come sit with you?" I told him to come on down...but he kept at it.

Whew! These guys earned their pay today. I was so fascinated with how this all came together, I stuck around until they packed it in. I went inside and found some of the trusses that were partially cleaned, and that was neat to see. Obviously the blackened parts are not yet cleaned, but I was amazed at how these cleaned up.


The roof is ready for shingles!

Look at how beautiful these new trusses in the garage are!

A lot better than the old:

And, even though the old trusses haven't all been cleaned yet, the house smells SO MUCH BETTER. The smell has been dissipating since more air has been getting in there, but now it smells like new wood, which I can live with!

Next week the interior cleaning begins. Bring. It. On.