There are two things that I swear are made of magic: Vinegar and Baking Soda. If you mix them together, that's tons of cleaning fun...

The trusses that were smoke damaged but not structurally damaged by the fire were left intact and cleaned. The did some of the cleaning by hand but decided to change course and soda blast everything. What a mess.

But man did it work. They blasted the shit out of everything and I'm amazed at the results! When I showed up on Wednesday afternoon, the crew was dressed in their hazmat best.

This process left about an inch of baking soda on every floor throughout the house. That was cleaned up the next day. As of Thursday, the floors had been swept and the copious amounts of baking soda had been removed.

On Saturday, I arrived to this:

So I looked in the windows and did not enter. Apparently this is the deodorizing phase of the process.

Next up I think will be for the electrician to rewire everything and reinstall the plumbing vents where appropriate. The boxes of shingles are still hanging out on the roof, so I expect that something will happen with those soon.

We're getting close...close enough that it's time to get on the schedule for the countertop and flooring installation.

In the meantime, I began working on my curtains. I started with the sheers, which was a good call because they will be the ones that will be hidden by the main curtains (double rod situation), and being my first run with curtains, I like to do the trial run on something that won't be completely visible. Let's just say that was a good call. I'll do the tutorial on the real curtains...stay tuned.