Indian Inspired Brocade Jacket

I was feeling a little cultural on Saturday. I have a couple of work colleagues who just arrived in the US from India, and I'm very excited to meet them in person. As I perused my pattern stash, I thought I might make something inspired by the beautiful fabrics in saris. I cannot pull off a sari (and it's just too damn cold here), but I thought it might be a fun way to show my cultural appreciation when I get to meet them next week!

There were so many beautiful colors and designs, it was hard to choose, but given my irrational fear of bright colors, I toned it down and went with black and red.

This is view D from Simplicity pattern 4789.

First, brocade frays. A lot. Good thing I have a serger! Before starting assembly, I serged all the pieces to keep them from fraying.

I also lined this thing. It felt like a lining would be needed to give it a nice finish, so I cut extra lining pieces of everything except for the facing and the collar.

I have to say, I think I finally mastered the ease stitch process to work the sleeves into their holes. I've been working with stretch knits a lot and brocade doesn't stretch, so I really had to ease the sleeves.

This was a great idea. I think it's pretty. Too bad it doesn't fit. It's the sleeves. They're too tight at the top of the arm. It's not the ease stitching, I totally nailed that. I made a shorter jacket in the morning with the same pattern, but I used a scuba knit, which stretched, so it worked. Did I mention that brocade doesn't stretch?

The point is, I tried.


But you know what? A fail is still a win. I learned stuff. Like brocade doesn't stretch.