Fun With Decorative Stitches

After the jacket debacle from last week, I decided I should perhaps do a muslin version of a new pattern before I blow the good fabric on something that doesn't fit...

This one is in progress, I haven't worked up the courage to set the button holes on this one. I was feeling rebellious and when the pattern instructions said "sew invisibly" along the facing that will have the buttons and button holes, I said to myself, "I got your 'sew invisibly' right here."

How's that for invisible? My machine has a bunch of decorative stitches, none of which I really plan to use...ever...but I figured why not try one since this is a muslin version and I was using black thread on white anyway, let's get nuts.

The good news is that making this muslin version has taught me two things about this particular pattern:

  1. I need another inch on the bust so that when I button it, I won't look like the incredible Hulk.
  2. I can't pull off long length shirts. I'm too short.

Good lessons. Glad I didn't waste the good fabric this time!