Aww Yeah

I'm nerding out over this.

What is it? A coverstitch machine. I thought I didn't need a serger, until I got one. Well, why not complete the set? Now that I have a dedicated sewing room, I decided to take the plunge and get myself a coverstitch machine. 

All hail Amazon gift cards!

If you've been following this journey, you've seen that I've started making clothing. Honestly, I don't think I'll ever buy clothes again unless it's something I really can't make. But, I do want the clothes I make to look good...nay, I felt like this was going to be the right tool for my sewing arsenal. 

But Angela it looks a lot like that serger thingamabob you already have!

Yes, it does. But it does something completely different. 

It hems. And I don't mean just fold over fabric and sew like on a regular sewing machine. Look at the hem on what you're wearing right now. Flip the bottom hem over to the wrong side and really look at it. I'll wait.


See what?

Ok, I'll show you. It might look something like this:

On the right side, you've probably got a couple rows of parallel stitches. On the wrong side, you probably see a lot of crisscrossing ziggy-zaggy stuff going on. That, my friends, is a coverstitch.

That's what this machine does. You can't do that with a regular sewing machine. What you can do with a regular sewing machine (and what I've been doing thus far) is use a twin needle. You get the same effect of the two parallel rows of stitches on the outside, but just a simple zigzag on the wrong side. Like this:

It works just fine, but I wanted something better. I want someone to look at something I made and swear I bought it. 

So yeah. Coverstitch machine. #awesome