Pajama Party

Yes, I made myself a onesie and slippers.

Not particularly proud of this one. Not because I'm ashamed of having made myself a onesie...hell, I'd rock it to the grocery store all day long. I'm just not happy with how it turned out.

Let's review...

This one is McCall's pattern M7518. They call it a jumpsuit, but let's call it what it is: a onesie. The pattern called for a hood and pockets, but I have no need for a hood nor pockets whilst I sleep, so I ditched the hood and just did a standard collar and omitted the pockets.

I got the shell of it together and put it on, and the crotch was basically at my knees. What I should have done is actually measured and stuff...


...and shortened the pattern before cutting. However, I did not do that, so since this item will be seen by no one in real life, I just took a couple inches at the waist and shortened it, which wouldn't have been terrible had I been using a plain solid fabric. However, it was plaid fleece and I was unable to match it up.

Le sigh


Janky issue #2 is the center front, the plaid is not matched up across the zipper, which bothers me. Again, not going to be seen in this and it's for me, so whatever.

I am going to finish it with thumbhole cuffs (of course) and hem the bottoms. Then, I'm going to put it on, turn on the fireplace, snuggle up on the couch and watch me some TV.

I also made some slipper boots (Kwik Sew pattern K3926). I had a remnant of some Star Wars fabric, so I used that and faux suede for the bottom contrast, and grippy fabric on the bottom. Safety first! I had another remnant of what was labeled as fleece that I used for the lining, but I should have known by the feel of it that there was no way it was was minky, which is super soft, but when you cut minky, it gets all over the place, so while it was snowing outside, it looked like it snowed in my sewing room as well.

Lesson of the Pajama Party project is to work on pattern matching. The slipper boots are jacked up too, since I wasn't paying attention to matching up patterns when I cut.

To top it off, somehow I managed to cut my fingers not once, not twice, but thrice with my rotary cutter while cutting out pattern pieces. I accidentally cut a couple inches off my hair with it too (note to self: put hair up before cutting). Well, there's still time to sew through a finger tonight...