Layering Shirt

This one should really be called

How to Turn a Mistake Into Visual Interest


After spending the day teaching one of the Brady Littles to sew (and watching said Little perform in the local production of

Broadway Santa,

which was adorable and earsplittingly out of tune), I got to work on my Saturday project. This is the same pattern I used for the fleece sweatshirt, (McCall's 


 just with a different fabric.

In my haste to begin, I started cutting and realized that I had cut one of the pieces in the wrong direction. Rather than wasting fabric, I decided to go with it since the fabric had a 4-way stretch.

This winds up with the main front and back with the grain on the vertical, with the sides and sleeves on the horizontal (which is what was the "right" way). In the end, I decided the change in grain adds visual interest. Not that anyone will really see it because it's a shirt I'll use to layer under a sweatshirt. But hey, I know there is visual interest, so that's what matters!