3-Ring Binder Pencil Pouches

One of the Brady kids asked if I could make him a pencil pouch that would go in his binder for school. Well, if I bring a piece of gum for myself, I better have more gum to share, so I made 5 of these. In fairness, there are 6 Brady kids but the eldest is in college and she does not need a binder pencil pouch but if she wants to be part of the club, I'll make her one too!

Those that know me know that I am a queen of efficiency. When I'm making more than one of anything, I become a one-woman assembly line, and this makes me happy. Extra bonus, these are fat quarter friendly, so they can be made with scraps...or if you're like me and have become a fabric whore, use up some of that stash!

Of course, to get ideas, off to Google I went. I found a style I liked at

Sew Can She

and made minor modifications.

The original version had fabric loops to hold it in the binder but I knew I wanted to use grommets. I tried one with a separate tab that had the eyelets but I didn't like it, so I wound up just inserting the eyelets right into the thing. My measurements are the same as the Sew Can She tutorial, but I skipped the parts for the little fabric loops.

To set the eyelets, I used a template made of a 3-ring binder clear plastic insert, and just marked the holes with a dry erase marker right on the clear vinyl.

I also used my trusty punch tool (if you make anything with rivets, grommets, or eyelets, I highly recommend one of these things) to punch the holes. I used Dritz large size eyelets and that's that.

As I made these, I realized I could use something like this minus the eyelets...nice clear vinyl so you can see what's inside!