Sewing Room!

I always seem to have brilliant ideas at midnight and then spend hours crawling further and further down a click hole on the Internet. In the wee hours of Saturday morning, that click hole landed at IKEA.

My little sewing operation has been taking place at my kitchen table. As a result, my kitchen has been a permanent disaster. Add a serger into this equation, and it's a hot mess. I dislike chaos in my living space, so it dawned on me late Friday night that I needed to do something about it.

I have a huge basement that is unfinished. It would be perfect--tons of space--but I don't like being down there because it's so removed from everything. And there are bugs. And spiderwebs that turn me into a ninja when I unknowingly walk through one.

It then occurred to me that I have a spare bedroom that has probably only been used 5 times in the 13 years I've owned this house. I knew what needed to happen. Makeover!

I burst out of bed at 6:30 am ON A SATURDAY and got to work measuring and pondering, selecting the items that I would get from Ikea.

I hit the road. One of my cousins lives on the way so I thought I'd stop by and say hello, but then I thought maybe her son, my godson, might want to come with me and spend quality time with his favorite second cousin and godmother! Plus, I tweaked my back and I knew I shouldn't be lifting heavy things, so a helper was going to be a good call. He was game, so I swung by and picked him up for some quality time.

IKEA is one of those places that is dangerous if you don't have a plan. I know my weaknesses, so I had saved off a list in advance and stuck to the list. It's a miracle. After trekking home, I got to work, which first meant disassembling the existing room.

In my excited state, I did not take as many "before" pics as I probably should have, but here's the gist of the room before. I had already started pulling linens and the mattress off:

When I finally got to the assembly portion of this adventure, I found that I'm really a pro at IKEA furniture assembly. I had 6 items to assemble and it didn't take much time at all. And, I fully appreciate my ratcheting screwdriver, in case you were wondering.

12 hours later, and I'm in love! Unfortunately the swivel chair I bought didn't attach properly to the base, which was weird, so I had to bring it back and get a different seat (note: upon further review, I now believe that I was the problem and not the seat, so let's just go with it was late and I was delirious). But the secondary trip (and it's over an hour each way) meant that I could pick up some other items!

Here's the layout:

2 Alex drawer units serve as the base for my sewing station, topped with a 74" Lilltrask countertop. I also picked up one of those magnetic knife thingies that I will attach to the wall for my scissors and whatnot.

My cutting table is a Linnmon 47" table top with 4 Olov adjustable legs (I wanted this table to be high so I can stand and cut comfortably, and note how my ironing board nests right under it to get out of the way! #winning). I also picked up a Rigga garment rack, since I am starting to dabble in making clothing.

For storage, I have 2 Kallax 30" shelf units side by side.

I had another shelf unit from Target that I moved in here as well for more fabric storage.

I didn't get in any sewing this weekend because this took up all my time, but I am so excited to get to work in my new sewing room!

My kitchen looks like a kitchen again. My living room no longer features an ironing board. However, my garage is now a complete shit show. Next weekend.