Bridesmaid Wristlets

I had the honor of standing up in my best friend's wedding this weekend (aka Captain Halfass). I made wristlets for each of the bridesmaids and a bag and zippy pouch for the bride.

I made these out of two different types of faux leather. The white is a soft, pebbled texture and the black is more plain but has some grain texture. I added a little bling accent using some decorative ribbon and a button. I also broke new ground (for me) and threaded some beads onto each zipper pull. There are little disco balls involved.

They're just oversized zippy pouches with a pocket on the front. After I made the first one, I realized I needed some way to hold the pocket closed so on 4 of them I sewed in Velcro. The other two have an elastic strap that loops over the button. I have a hard time making things the same.

And let's just thank this bride for the black and white theme! Hooray for black and white! No crazy colors to try and match!

Now, I used those little key fob things to attach the wristlet straps...and unfortunately most of them did NOT hold...and I even had gone over all of them a second time with a set of pliers to make sure they were tight. I'm thinking that because the layers were fairly thin, the little hooks inside the fobs didn't have much to grab.  So, I'll be redoing those for the ones that broke off. That made me sad.