Birthday Bag

Ah, birthdays. Some like to treat their day as if it should be a national holiday. Not me. Just another day. But it is a day when I do whatever the hell I want to do. Then again, that's every day for me. So today I decided to make myself a new bag.

Sometimes when I'm thinking about what to make, I do other things. On today's agenda was cleaning my fish tanks. As I was cleaning the tanks and thinking about what kind of bag I wanted to make for myself, I took a small detour and wound up separating the fish into a girls tank and a boys tank...because these fish won't stop reproducing. It's insane. There are way too many fish. I don't have the heart to kill them. Hopefully by separating them this will curb the population growth. But I digress...

I wanted something small, just enough room for my wallet, keys, and a couple other essentials. I have a bunch of remnants on hand because I often pick up random remnants because they're cheap. I chose a dark red pleather remnant I had picked up and put that together with some faux tan suede-ish stuff. I also decided to use some ribbon for an accent and it looked pretty good. Not bad for an embellishment.

Spent a few hours on it and I don't like it.

What don't I like about it?

  • I thought I wanted a zip-top. Turns out I don't like that.
  • Because it had a zip top, I thought I'd attach D rings to the side. Nope. Hangs weird.
  • When I put all my stuff in it, there's not enough room and it's too bulgy when full.

Epic fail? Not at all. It's perfectly usable as a giant zippy pouch. Most importantly, I had learnings from this one! I now know what not to do, and for me, that sometimes means that I have to try something, see how it turns out, and adjust. This is one of those projects. And since it was just something for myself, I don't feel like the time was wasted. And I have plenty of red pleather left to try again!

In all, not a bad way to spend my birthday. Doing something I love. And my serger arrives I have to find something to serge!