Birthday Bag: Take Three

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Third time's a charm.

I decided to make myself a new bag for my birthday. When I was done with it, I realized I didn't like it.

I made another one. I didn't like that one either.

So I made yet another one. This one I think I like. And if the accent fabric I used looks familiar, that's because I used scraps from my reupholstery project.

This bag nicely matches the chair in my office.

What I love about sewing is that it combines problem solving, learning new techniques, and it gives me a creative outlet. I will work on something for hours and it will seem like the time just flew by, and I generally will keep going until it's done. I have a hard time leaving things unfinished...when I read a book, I read the whole thing in one sitting. Except for The Stand by Stephen King...that one can't be finished in one sitting.

After I was done with work, I got started on the third version of my birthday bag. After two fails this week, I took to Google to find ideas. I've developed my talents to a point where I can look at a picture of something and replicate it, so I often just look at images in Google search.

I found a picture of a bag that I liked, so I gave it a try. I could tell from the picture that it had a shape similar to the laptop tote I made, but it had a flap and a magnetic snap closure. Since the first two had zipper closures and I decided I didn't like that, I wanted something different. I even fussy cut the accent fabric and matched up the snap exactly on center of the circle design. Boom.

Since I was making this for myself, I also added some pockets to the lining, perfectly sized to fit my iPhone and a couple other items I always carry with me. My iPad even fits!

I've become a big fan of using nylon for lining. On bags I've done before, I've had a hard time with nylon fraying, especially if I have to rip the seam and redo it (which is at least once per project).

Solution? Burn the raw edges. Just enough to seal it and not warp it. That worked really well.

The other item I've become a fan of it those little key fob clippy things. I ordered a pack of them from Amazon (Country Brook Design) and really like them, especially for straps made out of pleather. It's hard to get a nice finished edge on pleather, so these things really solve that problem by encasing the raw edge. Also eliminates the need to fold it over and sew through multiple layers, which can prove challenging.

Overall it's roomy and can be worn either over the shoulder or cross body. I'll give it a whirl and see how it flies.