The Head Scarf

This week has been challenging, and I'm so grateful for the love and support of my family and friends. I only made one thing this week: a head scarf.

If this newfound talent of mine can be put to good use, this is the time.

I scoured the web looking for tutorials for a head scarf that you can tie in the back. I found this one at Brimming With Love, designed by Milly Ralsky. Milly, whoever you are, thank you, and bless you for sharing your free pattern. I knocked out a prototype in about 30 minutes. I brought it to my mom today and had her try it on. We spent time this afternoon picking out fabrics so I can make her a bunch of these for every occasion. And I might make a few extras and donate them to the hospital...ooh and perhaps I'll tweak it a little to make a scrub cap for my new favorite surgeon!