The Ugly Chair Adventures (or Misadventures): Episode IV - A New Hope

Ok I know you're thinking where are Episodes I-III? If Star Wars can start at IV, then so can I. But I'm going to do it right and we will NOT be coming back to do the prequels.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

The chair in my home office is heinous. Darth Heinous. But you know what, it was free (like most of my furniture...thanks Mom & Dad!). And to be clear, the parental units did not go to a store and purchase Darth Heinous on came with a house around it, so whatever. I feel the need to defend my mother's home decor honor. There's nothing inherently wrong with the chair...except that it's hideous.

And so it begins. I watched a video on YouTube...

what could possibly go wrong

? I'll be posting updates here on my blog as I work through this project. Right now, I'm in the fabric selection stage. The one that continues to catch my eye as I walk by is the geometric gray/black/dark red...and true to form, it's the most expensive of the swatches I ordered. Well, it will still be less costly than buying a whole new chair!