Jersey Knit Headband

Uh oh, I'm starting to dabble in let's start easy!

I have long hair. Long, long hair. As summer approaches, I'm going to need to wrangle these locks, and I can never find a headband that fits right. So since I now know how to make stuff, let's just whip something up, shall we?

First rule is start simple. I had some leftover jersey knit since I made myself a new zippered pillowcase for my body pillow (because the old one has had a broken zipper for like 4 years), so now that I've conquered my fear of knits, I figured I'd try something else with the leftovers.

I used this tutorial from Sew4Home and adjusted it to what I wanted.


Bottom (1): 13" x 4"

Top (1): 13" x 4"

7" piece of 1/2" non-roll woven elastic

Ball point needle (for knits/jersey)


I started by folding each piece of fabric in half, so they were 2" x 13" and ran a seam along the raw edge using the knit overcast stitch on my fancy-nancy Brother sewing machine. I used my hemostat to pull them right sides out (Best. Sewing. Hack. Ever.)

I took the bottom piece and sewed the elastic as directed in the Sew4Home tutorial. I used the hemostat to grab the end of the elastic and pull it through not because I had to, but because I could. I bought the tool for like $5 on Amazon and I'll be damned if I'm not going to use it every chance I get.

I attached the bottom to the top just as shown in the tutorial. I used the lightning bolt stitch on my machine for this one.

That's it. Done. Put on head and wear.